Lana Wellness

& Medical Supply

We care about our clients body and soul health!

Wellness Center

      • Massage

Swedish, Deep tissue, Face, Active release, Stretching.

      • Acupuncture

      • Lymphatic drainage

      • Shockwave Therapy

      • Footcare provided by Chiropodist.

      • Body wraps with massage: Chocolate, Seaweed.

      • Atomy cosmetics: face and body care programs; hair care programs.


  • Casual shoes

  • Orthopedic & diabetic shoes

  • Kids shoes

Medical Supplies


dress, high heel, proflex, diabetic, soft diabetic, athletic, children's pediatric, marathon.

Compression stockings

knee high socks, thigh high, full length pantyhose, maternity, sports socks.

Body braces knees, wrists, elbows, lower back.